When the boss gets in fear mode what happens?

When the boss gets in fear mode what happens?

The boss is on the war path…employees sense it, feel it and react to it. Think about a time when your boss turned into the micromanager…they wanted to solve all the problems…or wanted in on all the details. For the employee they may have felt they personally weren’t trusted; weren’t doing a ‘good enough’ job, or weren’t meeting the boss’s expectations. Employee code words are…what the heck is going on!

The end result likely was a wedge being driven between the boss and employees. Employees learn pretty quick of the signs of a boss on the war path.

Seldom is the real reason clear why the boss is on the war path.

The war path may be caused by a supervisor being fearful. The fear may come from a worry of their performance; sales are lacking or fear of not meeting the expectations of their boss.   Their fear is related to what is personal to them.  It may be their own confidence level is wavering…so they ‘strike out to control more.

So when you’re the boss, the coworker or the customer…and you are on the war path…take a breath – identify what are you really fearful of? Identify the pattern that throws you off your game and causes you to act out.   Instead of diving into control, anger, frustration – try opening up the communication lines with where you are at…what you’re feeling…and work toward interactions that are honest and forward moving – with a keen focus on the outcome you are striving for.