Clients love how we quickly get to the critical issues stopping their organization. Whether it is a business focus clarifying their top goals so they work towards growing profits quickly or how we assess their organization’s culture in ways which are easy to understand and adjust.


Client Coaching Videos:

Organizational Culture Assessment

“Lighthouse Leadership was very effective in gathering the opinions of shareholders, associates and staff regarding the firm.  Their culture survey was customized for our firm’s needs and supplemented by Jodi and Mike’s interviews with available staff.  Even those on staff, who questioned the need for an internal analysis, were very impressed by their interviewing skills and insights into the firm.  Their analysis of our strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots was constructive and useful.  I think Jodi and Mike did a great job.  I would, without reservation, recommend Lighthouse Leadership.”
~ Steve Weld, President, Weld, Riley, Prenn & Ricci, S.C., Eau Claire, Wisconsin

“Lighthouse Leadership; Mike and Jodi were so impressive with their unique approach to engaging our volunteers and board members.  Our service was struggling with getting our board members and volunteers on the same page.  With the expertise help from Lighthouse Leadership, the Volunteer Culture Survey and committee gatherings we now have clarity of what core values are important to protect and celebrate for our volunteers at Ellsworth Area Ambulance Service.   Mike and Jodi are very inspirational; their energy is infectious.  I would recommend Lighthouse Leadership without reservations.”
~ Brenda Kenall, Assistant Director, Ellsworth Area Ambulance Service, Ellsworth, Wisconsin

Executive Coaching

“Lighthouse Leadership listened and helped me differently than any other executive leadership resource I’ve used.  With the monthly leadership coaching sessions I felt clarity and was renewed with energy, hope and confidence.  Mike and Jodi were very open and insightful.  Their wisdom and experiences are unparalleled.
~ Cindy Brown, Chippewa Valley Bean, Menomonie, Wisconsin

Team Leadership

“I am impressed with Lighthouse Leadership’s professional approach to solving problems with us.  We get two for the price of one and the two of you process challenges for us in completely different ways (one being sales and relationship focused while the other is bottom-line focused).  That approach is valuable to everyone on the executive management team.  You also have a great way in communicating your passion to us.  It is very contagious for all of us.”
~ Jeff Whitrock, President & CEO, Pioneer Bank, Wisconsin

Leadership Assessment

“I thought I was quite aware of my management and personal communications style.  Mike and Jodi, leadership coaches siphoned the internal and external feedback into a few key recommendations. They quickly got to the heart of the issues involved in my style and approach to management.  They are a highly complementary team, each with insights, intuition, and wisdom of their own.  Their personal style is not a hint of routine or recipe. You feel like the lens is on without filter from the get go.  Raw intuition from their years of experience allows immediate penetration into your issues.  Brought to bear in combination, makes a powerful one two punch.” 
~ Will Hughes, Division Administrator, Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, Madison, Wisconsin

Strategic Planning

“Lighthouse Leadership with Mike and Jodi helped create an outstanding conference with their unique style of engagement.  They are truly gifted combining proven business leadership experience while engaging all the participants which created clarity, focus and renewed energy.  Our organization was floudering for some time with direction and execution in a particular area.  We now have a plan and commitment to begin anew.  I’m delighted with Lighthouse Leadership.  We had tried other leadership consultants and Mike and Jodi helped get us connected like no others had.  I’d highly recommend Lighthouse Leadership.
~ Dennis Engelhard, US Dry Bean Council board member, Michigan