About Us

About Us

It’s not about us is it?

Leadership coaching is about you, your business, your employees and your dreams.  We get in your head and heart and help you find a pathway to your desired outcome.


Making a difference is Lighthouse Leadership’s inspiration

  • Working with curious people who want more out of their career or company
  • Sorting through the work place dynamics, politics, and road blocks
  • Collaborating with individuals to see things as they are and as they can be
  • Digging deep to help you make a lasting adjustment


Personal and committed to you

Krutza and Wiff love seeing the impact leadership coaching can have.  We coach executives, managers and teams who have a desire to grow and expand their leadership skills.   Each day we throw ourselves into helping our clients achieve success by helping them develop their own Elegant CourageTM.

We work to keep the solutions simple, proven and practical

As leadership coaches our techniques are based in the past and the future.  We draw on over 62 years of executive experience in the private sector where we focused on results, culture, and accountability.  Today we push ourselves and clients to continue adjusting daily in a world that is filled with blogs, vlogs, social networks, and generational differences.