Leadership Coaching Services

Leadership Coaching Services


Small Firm…Yes
Big Projects, Big Ideas, Big Results…without exception


What does Lighthouse Leadership do?

  • Organizational culture assessment – personalized  for your company/group
  • Succession/leadership planning – journey to ensure company thrives and executive leadership is successful in transition
  • Strategic planning – we mediate the power position and reach inside individuals to powerfully engage all members in planning
  • Executive coaching -develop a game plan and leadership skills to achieve your dreams
  • Team engagement/organizational coaching – develop honest engaging dialogue between departments and leadership teams


How does Lighthouse Leadership help you?

  • We listen
  • We immerse ourselves in who you are
  • We offer options, adjustments, feedback
  • We keep you focused on your intended outcome
  • We help guide your path
  • We care that you succeed


Why does leadership coaching matter?

  • It rejuvenates you
  • It inspires you to go to the next level
  • It develops confidence
  • It provides a sounding board and a practice area
  • It builds Elegant CourageTM


Coaching options?

  • Face to face coaching sessions
  • Online individual coaching
  • Online group coaching
  • Group facilitation
  • Strategic planning sessions
  • Custom designed programs; succession, culture assessment