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What is Elegant Courage?

Elegant Courage is the soulful embrace of your core values and gives you the confidence and choice to act on those values in the moment.

Lighthouse Leadership is the brain child of executive leadership coaches Jodi Wiff and Mike Krutza.  Our leadership coaching focus is to help people ‘sort out the noise’ in the workplace, create a brilliant picture for the future and keep you on pace to move forward with renewed energy, focus and commitment.

Our hope is to improve people’s lives with the guiding light of Elegant Courage.  In the leadership coaching process we’ll help you find greater joy, satisfaction and purpose in your career and life.


“…Leadership coaches Mike Krutza and Jodi Wiff are smart and intuitive with
an insightful business experience that allows them to understand the nuts and
bolts of business and the softer, soulful side of people.”
~ W. Hughes

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